Wednesday, 27 June 2012

How to Solve Inequalities

In the previous post we have discussed about How to Draw Bar Graph and In today's session we are going to discuss about How to Solve Inequalities, Algebra can be consider as a important part of mathematics that perform the task of converting the real world problem in the form of mathematical equation or find the value of a variable in mathematical equation. In mathematics, an algebraic equation represents the relationship between the both side of equal sign in algebraic equation. It means anything happen with number on one side also reflect the changes on other side.
Algebraic equation basically deals with solving an equation by finding the value of variable. It also perform task of solving an inequalities of algebraic equation. Here in this section we are going to discuss about the topic how to solve inequalities.
In mathematics, the concept of inequalities can be represented by some of the symbol that are given below:
a ) >= greater then equal to
b )> greater then
c ) <= less then equal to
d ) < = less then
as we all are very well aware that algebraic expression is a combination of number and variables to represent the real world problem in a mathematical form. When such kind of symbol are used with algebraic expression then a question arises in our mind that how to solve inequalities.
The solution of solving inequalities from an equation is already defined by mathematics. To solve the inequalities from an algebraic expression can be done by two ways.
A ) first is “ By adding or subtracting a value from both side”: It means to say that inequalities can be solve by adding or subtracting the same value on both side. Like there is a equation a + 5 < 10 then it can be solve as a + 5 – 5 < 10 – 5 = a < 5. The obtained result shows that the value of x must be less then 5 to set the equation true.
B ) By dividing and multiplying the value. The concept of 

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