Monday, 18 June 2012

How to Draw Bar Graph

In the previous post we have discussed about slope worksheets and In today's session we are going to discuss about How to Draw Bar Graph. Statistics is the branch of the mathematics and in statistics we use graphs for calculating the data. In statistics there are different types of graphs such as histogram, line graph, frequency polygon and many more. Bar graph is one of them and also used for calculating data by graphically. They are rectangular in shape and following types of bar graph can be feasible. (know more about Bar chart, here)
I.        simple bar graph
II.        Double bar graph
III.        Divided bar graph
Bar graphs are used to display the categorical type data. This type of data have no order, with the help of bar graph we can represent the numerical data in the pictorial or graphical form. These bars or rectangular shape can be draw horizontally or vertically.
There are some steps to construct the bar graphs.
Step 1: - First of all change the given frequency distribution from inclusive form to exclusive, if it is already in exclusive form then there is no need to change the form.
Step 2: - Then taking suitable scale, make the class interval as base along the x axis.
Step 3: - After that make the respected frequencies as heights along y axis.
Step 4: - Repeat second and third step until all the frequency distribution is finish.
Step 5: - Now we will create the bars by taking the base and heights. We can color and label them also.
Suppose we have some names as a base and their age as heights. Than we can make the bar graph by taking names at x axis and age at y axis.

Combinations and permutations have the great importance in modern mathematics. We use combinations when order does matter and we use permutations when order does not matter.
Syllabus of CBSE board includes all of those units that is very essential for the growth of students.

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