Friday, 24 February 2012

Solving Multi Step Inequalities

Previously we have discussed about statistics worksheets and In today's session we are going to discuss about Solving Multi step inequalities which is a part of cbse 11th syllabus and is same like Solving Multistep Equations, It includes one or more operations that can be solved by avoiding the operations in reverse order. It is just like solving the equations with one or more than one operations. An inequality or an equation with one or more operations has two steps to solve it that are as follows:
( a ) By taking the inverse of addition or subtraction .
( b ) By using the inverse of division or multiplication for simplifying it.
It should be remembered at the time of solving the inequalities that while multiplying or dividing with the negative numbers the symbol of inequalities is reversed.
We can take an example for describe the process of solving the inequalities:
Here we take an equation with two step inequalities that means it has two operations and has two step solutions : 3 p – 10 >= 14
Here in two step solutions, we start with the variable p and understand it step by step .(want to Learn more about Inequalities, click here),
In the above equation variable p is multiplied with number 3 as ' 3*p ' and then number 10 is subtracted from the term 3p as 3 p - 10 . After it getting the answer 14 that is written as
3 p -10 > 14 .So there are steps that follow is start with the variable p then multiply by 3 then subtract 10 and at last equal to 14 .
So , for solving an inequality goes from the backward side and using the reverse operations. Start with the last step that is result 14 .
Now , by follow the reverse process, 10 is added to the 14 means 14 + 10 that is the reverse process of the subtracting 10 .
Next , the inverse of multiplying by 3 is divide by the 3 that is p > = ( 14 + 10 ) / 3
p > = 24 / 3
p > = 8 .
At last 8 is the answer of given inequality that is greater than equal to 8 .
In the next session we are going to discuss Equations and Inequalities and if anyone want to know about Math Blog on Subtracting Rational Expressions then they can refer to Internet and text books for understanding it more precisely. 

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