Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Math Blogs on Solving two step linear equations

Today I am going to explain how we can solve two step linear equations. Before this we should know about the linear equations. A linear equation is one of the important parts of the algebra. It is an algebraic equation that consists of either the product of a constant and a variable or a constant.  Whenever we plot them on a graph we always get a linear line. It has a form y = m.x + c, where m is the slope of the line and c is a constant and x, y are the variables of the linear equation.
Now we come on the topic that how to solve two step linear equations. In this the main task is applied on the variables, i.e. to get the variable alone on either left or right side of the equal sign. For this we make the equation balanced by making same changes in both sides of the given linear equation. We must keep the equation balanced so that we get the right solution.
To understand this concept more let us take an example two step linear equations:
We have linear equation 5x + 2 = 57. Then to solve this we need to undo the multiplication of five and the sum of two in the equation. If we first divide the whole equation with 5 then we will get fractions that are not desirable so we should avoid it and instead of this we prefer to do addition or subtraction.
5x + 2 = 57
       -2 = -2
5x = 55
So x = 55/5 so x = 11
From the above example we get the method of two step linear equation. (To get help on cbse books click here)
Similarly one more example: 3x + 5 = x – 3 so here we will subtract x from both the sides as
3x + 5 = x – 3
-x       = -x
2x + 5 =-3 then here we will subtract -5 from both the sides
2x + 5 =-3
      -5 = -5
2x = 2 here x = 2/2 so x = 1.
So today we learnt the two step linear equations. and In the next session we will discuss about Solving Inequalities with Rational Numbers. 

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