Tuesday, 8 November 2011

How to Graph Inequalities

In mathematics, a linear inequality is an inequality which involves a linear function. When two functions are defined using symbols like “greater then” or “less then” or “greater then equal to” and “less then equal to” then we get inequality expression. Linear inequalities are some how similar to linear equations. Let’s take an example of linear inequality which is involving a real number.

 f(x) < b or f(x) ≤ b

Here, f(x) is a linear function in real number and ‘b’ is a constant real number. Alternatively, it can be viewed as:

g(x) < 0 or g(x) ≤ 0,
 The above equations commonly expressed as:
a0+ a1x1 + a2x2 +............+anxn < 0
a0+ a1x+ a2x+............+anx≤ 0

Here x1, x2, x3,....xn are the unknown variables and a1, a2, …..an are the coefficients.
An Inequality graph can be draw by finding the limits of an equation. The inequality equation comes with the sign of less then or greater then so when we have to draw a graph which have to consider limits.

For graphing any equation we have to follow some steps.In the first steps, we have to locate ‘y’ intercept on the graph and locate the point. Then from this point we have to use the slope to find second point. After this, we darn a line that joins or connects the two points. With these steps we can easily plot a graph. Through graph we can also represent different equations.
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  1. While doing linear equation graph, two terms are required and these terms are slope of the line and intercepts. X and Y intercepts are determined first to find the co-ordinates of the line in respect of both the Cartesian axis of 2D plane or we can say intercepts are required to know the point at which the line intersects or crosses the graph and for finding the slope of the line we use slope formula. But to implement slope formula, endpoints of the line are required as input.