Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tutor Vista helps you in learning Linear Inequalities

Hello friends, in this page I will tell you few things about linear inequalities and graphing equations. Inequality includes few symbols like less then(<), greater then(>), less then equal to (<=), greater then(>=). So whenever you see any equation with these signs then understand that it is an inequality equation. Solving linear inequalities is similar to solving linear equations, but one thing that is important and you just keep this in mind that whenever we multiply or divide by a negative number, you must change the direction of the inequality sign.

For example: - x + 2< 6

In this, we have to determine the value of x, that when added with 2 should less then 6, so we can take x= 1,2,3. when we solve inequalities we may have more then one solution of problem and sometimes infinite number of solution are also possible. The solution must give result as true, result can't be false.

Graphs are the important part of algebra, and graph gives us huge amount of information. It helps us to understand the problem properly. And plotting the graph is also very easy. Graphing equations means represent the equation on graph. A linear equation when plotted on graph produces a straight line. These equations contain terms that are either a constant of the product of constant term and a single variable the very first power. Here, I can't show you how to plot graph but I assure you that when you visit tutor vista for learning how to graph equation and different math topics you will understand all the concepts and here, you find a lot of examples which will help you in solving different problems. Tutor vista helps students as their friend and takes all their pain of solving math problems.

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