Friday, 21 October 2011

Learn how to graph the equations with my help

Hello friends, you all must have heard the name of tutorvista. Ya friends, its an educational website that helps you in learning mathematics and other subjects. Tutorvista Is designed to help the students who are math phobic or are facing any kind of problem while solving math questions. Mathematics is a subject that needs lots of practice.

Now, we will discuss few topics of math that Is linear inequalities and graphing equations. Before we move on linear inequalities, lets throw some light on inequalities. To understand inequalities we need to understand few symbols that shows the inequality in the equation. The symbols are greater then(>), less than(<), greater than equal to (>=), less than equal to(<=). You all are aware with linear equations, linear inequalities are also same.

Let's take an example to understand this topic as students understand the things with help of examples in a proper way.

3x + 3>= 9,

As we are seeing inequality symbol. Here this is an inequality problem. To solve this problem we put the value of x in such order that when we get final answer it should b either greater than or equal to 9. in this we can put x = 2 as it will give us

3x2+ 3>=9



so x can be 2 and the greater values then two.

Now, graphing equation is a method of plotting the equation on graph. Graph is a simple and easy way to understand different problems. When we plot equation on graph easily understand that what is the value of x or y and other things also. Friends, I can't show you here how to plot equation on graph, but I assure you that when you take help of 

TutorVista, you will learn how to plot it and how to solve equations using graphing equation method.

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