Thursday, 16 August 2012

Solving Inequalities

Inequalities are the expressions that shows without using any equal sign means it will show as an expression that have signs of less than or greater than. Some times it is possible that these expression also have the equal sign but along with the less than or greater than sign that is also describe as a less than equal to or greater than equal to sign. Solving Inequalities having the same pattern like equations that is describe as an expression with the equal sign. One thing keep in the mind at the time of solving the inequality is that whenever change the side of the variable or values sign will change as > greater sign will change into the < and < less than sign will change into the > greater than sign.
There are some rules that does not effects the change of the sign as follows:
Whenever any number will be subtracted from any one of side then the same process is also done from other side.
When multiply both side of the inequality with positive number will also not effect the sign of inequality.
But there are also some ways that will change the sign as if multiply with the negative number or when we slide the number from one side to another side. we can simply define it by an example: 3 n < 7.
Now in the above inequality we have to put the values in place of n that satisfy inequality. there is no need to change in the sign.
Standard deviation is the part of statistics in which find the deviation of the values from the mean value and it is denoted by the sigma Standard Deviation Symbol.
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